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At East Worlington Primary School our aim is to provide a happy and secure environment within which our children can be healthy, stay safe and enjoy and achieve, developing a wide range of intellectual, physical, creative and social skills.

The school is an integral part of the local community of East and West Worlington and sustains and operates a comprehensive education service that offers excellent value for money.



Original School and School House

The community of staff, parents, pupils and Academy Directors supports and challenges professional thinking concerning the process of teaching and learning, referring to specialist knowledge and understanding when appropriate.
The pupils are encouraged to have high expectations and the school supports the right of each learner to an education matching their needs, potential and aspirations. The school encourages the development of enquiring minds and independent learners by promoting and facilitating a culture of reflection and self-evaluation to secure improvement.

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We produce a regular newsletter. This provides information about some of the things we do at East Worlington Primary School, some of our achievements and notices for events and meetings. 
For a copy of our current newsletter or for backcopies visit the school's web-site newsletter page. Click here
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East Worlington School is committed to the value of learning as a life-long process of personal development that helps people to make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.
Parent Advisory Group
As part of the arrangements of Chulmleigh Academy Trust, East Worlington Primary School has a Parent Advisory Group whose role is to support the school and advise Directors about issues affecting the school. Two members of the school's Parent Advisory Group are members of the Chulmleigh Academy Trust Parent Advisory Group which brings together parent advisers from the five Trust schools.
Visit the Chulmleigh Academy Trust website for more information 
 Parent Teacher and Friends Association
Visit our website to find out more information


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