Welcome to East Worlington Pre-school

Pre-school view 
We offer:
A small, welcoming group in a stimulating environment that supports learning through play and creative activity.

Excellent provision for children with special needs.

Safe and varied outdoor spaces, with access to an all-weather sheltered play-ground, garden, play equipment, trikes and sandpit.


Children's views

"I like playing with my friend and making things"

“I can get messy and play in the sandpit”

“I like dressing up as a princess”
Parents' views            

"My child has developed social skills at the Pre-school and I feel I have someone to talk with to help me help him"

"My child really loves and looks forward to going to Pre-school, she even wants to go on Saturdays and Sundays"

"Small and friendly - not too formal"

Ofsted's View

In July 2011 we were proud to receive a “good” overall from Ofsted. The inspector commented: “The very strong partnership with the school, together with the dedication of the staff and committee, ensures that children’s individual needs are well met. Children enjoy their learning in a well-resourced environment with some opportunities to extend their play outdoors and share school resources.”
Our Pre-school Staff

Cindy Trick is our Pre-school Leader. She is an experienced early years practitioner with more than 20 years working in childcare. Our assistant is Cynthia Ellicott, who is qualified up to Level 3 (the level required to lead a pre-school).
Our Sessions

We are open for five morning sessions per week from 9.05am–12.05pm, with the addition of an optional lunchclub, running until 1pm. 
Partnership Foundation Stage Unit

Since September 2010 the Pre-school and Reception Class at the school have formed a partnership to benefit all of the children and ease the transition to school. They share time, resources and opportunities to play and learn, and can make use of both the Pre-school room and school classroom, a role play area, and large covered outdoor space. 


We are registered to claim Early Years Entitlement Funding for up to 15 free hours per week for 3 and 4 year olds. Some 2 year olds are now entitled to Government funding - please contact us for more information.
More Information and Contact Us

For more information visit our 
East Worlington Pre-school website or

  • Tamsin Partridge, Chairperson: 01884 860567
  • The Pre-school room (session times only, or leave a message): 01884 861563

We are registered with Ofsted and the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

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