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Posted by Gwen Smith on 02/05/2014   Email

I am one of the many grandchildren of John Boundy of West Worlington. He was brother to Samuel, William, George and Frank. He was the only one who emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have travelled to England 4 times and have visited West Worlington 3 of those times. Am hoping to visit again one day.

Posted by ken firman on 01/05/2014   Email

my mothers father came from west worlington .i have been there twice now to visit with cousins. our grandfather john boundy was from there and his father is william boundy ,the only child to leave england and immigrate to canada. we have been in contact with other cousins in england that have traced our boundy ancestors to cornwall and any cousins would like to get in touch please email.

Posted by Deana Fouache on 14/08/2013   Email

My ancestors,the Middleton family lived in Worlington for many years.I have managed to trace them from early 1800's up to 1911 census. My great great grandfather was Charles, born 1855 and his elder brother was George. Charles married Emma Turner and they had 5 children, Charlie, Richard, Jack, Eliza and Alice.If anyone has any information about them i would be very interested to hear from them.

Posted by steve Boundy on 13/12/2012   Email

My family came from West Worlington then on to the East End of London. I have been back only once but will back next year for a better look around

Posted by Alan Knight on 16/09/2012   Email

My family came from East and West Worlington. They were the KNIGHT family.The head was William Knight..Born in 1841..and had six children..Frank 1860 Ellen 1861 Mary 1864 Rosa 1872 William Henry 1875 and Ada 1879. If anyone has any information on this family could you please get in contact me and i will share all i have.

Posted by graham butt on 04/07/2011   Email

Great information site for all,I am really enjoying all of the photos posted.This is even better than i expected well done.

Posted by Margot Seabrook on 25/06/2011   Email

Well done it is a brillant Website like it very much all the hard work you done thanks for all the information a great web and place we living.

Posted by Elizabeth Browne on 21/06/2011   Email

My family lived in West Worlington many years ago and I am always interested in any family history about the Boundy family. My Great Grandfathers grave is on the right hand side as you enter the church (William Boundy) also his wife Eliza). I am going to send some information I have and hope to receive some if anyone has any. I was lucky to meet a lady called Veronica from East Worlington, and we are going to share notes. thank-you, Kind regards Elizabeth Browne nee Boundy.

Posted by Anne Ladbrook on 18/06/2011   Email

So much information! It is a brilliant resource for all who live in or support the magnificent community of Worlington. We shall be using it at school for all sorts of things.

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