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 Our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator: Geoff Boyles
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Police Phone Number: 101
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 Friday 24th June 2016

I report another series of shed thefts in the area. It transpires that their were 2 in Drayford, and two on the Drayford to Thelbridge Road. Again modern easily disposable gardening tools were taken. Police have been informed and a serial number for a chain passed. CCTV replay did not show any activity. Once again we must remind ourselves to be on our guard, report an odd circumstances and make outhouses as secure as possible. \\we are arranging a village public meeting at the end of July with police present to discuss tactics and recommend deterrents.. Geoff Boyles

Monday 20th June 2016

Message from Geoff Boyles, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Greeting all. 
Regret further break ins on Sunday Night 19th June in Drayford and Thelbridge. We are checking our CCTV as they stole a chain saw from next door. Police are being informed
when they can take my call.Geoff

From: Geoff Boyles Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

Dear All,

On behalf of Neighbourhood Watch I have been asked by the police to alert all citizens, particularly the elderly to be aware of a very professional scam that is robbing a number of people of their savings.

Be very aware if you are called on the phone by someone purporting to be from a bank or official body stating that your account has been fraudulently relieved of funds and to combat this at an early stage to pass on to the caller your account details and PIN number. They the say that as a security check to ring the caller back immediately to very that they are authentic. They then do not hang up but keep the line open so that when you ring back they answer because the line has remained connected. They say they will freeze your account but will rob it instead. This scam has been particularly successful so you should be very cautious and if in any doubt PUT THE PHONE DOWN. 

Thanks  Geoff

posted  10/11/2015

From: Geoff Boyles Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

'With my neighbourhood watch hat on I thought it prudent to send you a message regarding the security of your homes and farms. You will be aware from past correspondence that there have been a number of  break ins and items stolen. There was another incident last week (week beginning 12th October) where goods were stolen from a farm and another where an  intruder was  disturbed by a local farmer. It would appear that another farm had been marked out by potential thieves. There will always be local amateurs  looking for an opportunity. My main concern is more professional thieves, possibly from Bristol area, making use of our road network and avoiding urban CCTV's. They appear to earmark properties for villains to identify by placing sundry items outside. IE  Oil cans, tying rags onto branches of trees etc. Please therefore be vigilant and notice markers or suspicious /persons vehicles in the area. The police will react quickly if there is an opportunity to catch someone.'

The greatest threat to an effective Neighbourhood Watch is community complacency.

Stay alert  - Stay safe

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