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  • East Worlington Parish is one of the parishes in North Devon.
  • Parish Population: 220 residents (National Population Census 2011).
  • Parish Electorate: 202 residents (2015 Electoral Register).
  • Parish Area: 2,187 hectares (5,404 acres).
  • Population Density: Number of persons per hectare 0.1 compared to 0.9 across North Devon; 2.2 across the South West; and 4.1 across England.
  • Parish Number of Dwellings: 92 (National Population Census 2011), in 2015 risen to just over 100.
  • There are 36 Listed Buildings in the parish.
  • The main source of employment within the parish is through farming and other countryside occupations.
  • The assets of the Parish Council are:
    • The Parish Hall (on a long lease to East Worlington Parish Hall Trustees);
    • The War Memorial;
    • The Water Pump in East Worlington.

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