Welcome to Worlington Church Fete 2018

Saturday 4th August 2018
Open from 2.00pm

Worly Bargains
Vegetable Display Competition
Tombola Stall
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 East Worlington House East Worlington Parish Hall 
Worly Bargains
Message from the organiser: Rosemarie Webber
"Again, this year we will be running the popular Worly Bargains Stall. As usual we would appreciate your contributions. We require unwanted gifts. Toiletries, kitchen goods, household items, china, good quality clothes, books, toys and anything saleable.
Please drop off your items to the porch at East Worlington House or telephone Rosemarie Webber for details. 01884 860437"
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Vegetable Display Competition
Message from the organiser: Geoff Boyles
"Greetings gardeners, We have recently found a very attractive trophy relating to bygone days when there was much competition amongst the villages and villagers to show off their precious prize vegetables. We feel that the Worlington Church Fete is the right venue to spark more interest in this country pursuit. So , in a very modest way we are offering a prize and the trophy for a year to the best entry under the heading ‘Vegetable Display’ Clearly we would like to see it won again in the village but are opening up to anyone in the local area to try and take it away for a year.

  1. Vegetables must be home grown
  2. Displayed on an area not exceeding that of a traditional seed box 18 inches X 12 inches (450mm x 300mm)
  3. A minimum of 5 different vegetables (excluding marrows)
  4. Tomatoes , peppers are ok
  5. The judge will give preference to quality  although display is important
  6. Entry fee £3.
  7. Date: Saturday 4th August
  8. Venue: East Worlington Parish Hall
Please try and participate incorporating good fun with an element of competition. Please contact Geoff Boyles for further details and an entry form.
01884 861093
Get planting to ensure you have something to show.
Best wishes

Geoff Boyles (on behalf of the late Percy Thrower)"  

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There will be a TOMBOLA stall this year
Donations of any bottles or suitable items for the stall will be appreciate.
Please leave item in the porch of East Worlington House. Dontations can be collected on request.
The stall is being run by Liz Baber and Sue Wells.
There will be a raffle this year.
Donations of raffle prizes will be appreciated.
Please leave item in the porch of East Worlington House.

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