Every four years East Worlington holds its own sports and games event. Over the years this has become known as Worlympics.

Message from the Event Co-ordinator

What a great village sporting event we had on Monday afternoon with the bonus of fantastic proper summer weather and the most beautiful village venue. The involvement and generosity of so many people made it all such a success so I thought I’d like to write on behalf of the all of us on the Parish Hall Committee and say an enormous thank you to EVERYONE who helped in so many many ways.
Thanks to David Phillips. Chris Maddox and Lilla Wall. It was very special to have those talented sports people with us as special guests.

It wasn’t primarily a fund raising event but as a bonus we raise some funds in support of East Worlington Parish Hall. Chris Maddox was very generous and donate some funds from the sale of his book.

Hope all that attended enjoyed it.

Liz Guppy

This year the event will be:
  • on Monday 29th August
  • starting at 12.00
  • in Lawn Meadow Field, East Worlington.
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Torch Competition

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